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Knowledge is power. The road to smarter, faster, easier payments is paved with it.  Commerce today moves quickly.  Enter Vantage Point—your source of practical, thoughtful and timely information and intelligence across a range of topics in payments. You need to be in the know. Consumer trends?  Hot topics like fraud and security? Our proprietary research and survey results have got you covered. Articles and interviews with those shaping the business of payments provide you with an insider’s advantage. Our insights, perspectives and viewpoints come together with those customers, developers and partners to empower you. 


Here’s what’s new in the hopper shaping the canvas of commerce and payments. Find everything you need to know about electronic transactions including mobile payments, EMV, and credit card processing. All articles are crafted by the experts at Vantiv and equip you with the best knowledge to run your business. 

Smarter Payments

Walgreens first to launch loyalty program integration with Apple Pay

Loyalty program includes 85 million active members
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Payments Basics


Moving through the language of payments can sometimes be funny business. This simple guide is a good place to start getting your edge.
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Safer Payments

5 reasons to upgrade to EMV

A short guide
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Smarter Payments

Infographic: What people think about fraud protection

Fraud protection. Fans or foes? What do people really think about fraud protection?
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New In Payments

PYMNTS Developer Tracker™ - October 2015

The October edition of the PYMNTS Developer Tracker™ is now out, bringing the total number of developers profiled to 40—with more coming each month. 
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