ShopTalk—5 Things to Know About Mobile Shopping Apps

Mobile shopping apps are leading the way in making ecommerce a seamless experience. Read now to find out the latest industry and consumer trends.

It wasn’t so long ago that buying goods and services online was a foreign concept. Now it’s such an integral part of commerce that shoppers almost don’t think twice before providing payment information and placing an order online. In the first quarter of last year, 78% of the US population age 15 and over shopped online. And mobile shopping apps are leading the way in making ecommerce more seamless and customized than ever. In fact, use of mobile shopping apps grew a staggering 174% year-over-year between 2013 and 2014.

Why this explosive growth of mobile shopping apps? Because they can enrich the online shopping experience with photography, video, reviews, and customized offers and coupons. Add to that their instant availability on smartphones and mobile devices, and shopping online has never been easier. Vantiv took a deeper dive to learn how consumers are interacting with mobile shopping apps by teaming up with Socratic Technologies.

Here’s what an online survey of 500 consumers found.

Mobile shopping apps are popular.

43% of respondents have downloaded a mobile shopping app from a retailer or business.

Mobile shopping app downloads are diverse.

The average respondent who downloaded shopping apps has them from 4 different types of retailers (apparel, drugstores, grocers, sporting goods, discount retailers, etc.)

General ecommerce (Amazon, for example) mobile shopping apps are most popular.

  • What other types of apps are popular?
  • Discount retailers – 47%
  • Restaurants – 46%
  • Grocery – 42%
  • Drugstore – 39%
  • Online deals – 38%
  • Travel – 31%
  • Online auctions – 30%

Mobile shopping apps are gateways to deals.

The most common uses of shopping apps are to:

  • Retrieve coupons or deals – 55%
  • Make purchases – 52%
  • Compare prices – 52%

When it comes to paying, PayPal is king for in-app purchases. But Google Wallet and Apple Pay are catching up. 

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