New survey looks at omni channel retail

How “omni” ready are you?

1st OmniReadi Index, powered by Vantiv, measures omni-channel shopping experience

The first OmniReadi Index ™, powered by Vantiv, is out. The findings show what’s happening in the world of omni-channel retailing as measured by shopping experiences at some of the nation’s largest retailers. Researchers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle shopped merchants across multiple industry segments, each across three channels—web, app, and in-store, capturing data on over 130 attributes.

We’re a long way from delivering a consistent customer experience

Nearly 1 in 10 merchants don’t sell products on their websites. Only 53% of merchants allowed customers to make purchases across all three channels (online, in-store, mobile-based).

The web rules for richness of information—in-store lacks ability to bring new features to life for most merchants

84% of retailers make social sharing part of online experiences, but not in-store experiences. 74% of retailers provide order history online, but not in-store. Product recommendations are available through 73% of retailers online, but not in-store.

Apps are a crap-shoot

Looking at whether apps help or hurt omni-channel retailers, the Index finds that 19% of apps have a positive impact on the in-store experience, while an equal percentage detracted from the shopping experience. Apps the Index suggests are lacking in functionality compared to their website siblings.

Wide gap between higher and lower scoring merchants

The highest ranking 10 merchants, with an average Index of 76, are 10x more likely to enable cross-channel purchase versus the lowest 10 ranking merchants. Only 40% of lower scoring merchants provide product details across multiple channels.

Electronics-Entertainment retailers score highest

Not surprisingly, electronics and entertainment retailers scored most well compared to other industry segment peers—perhaps as a result of early adoption of omni-channel retailing strategies as web experiences have matured.


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