Vantiv Omnicommerce Tracker™ - December 2015

Seasonal Rush or Seasonal Crush? Omnicommerce and Holiday Shopping

At the halfway point of this holiday shopping season, it’s a good time to reflect on how retailers are keeping up – or not – with the demands of omnichannel shoppers.

This year, estimates show that more people shopped online than in-store over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Which begs the question, were retailers able to keep up with all of this digital demand?

Unfortunately, technical glitches were more prevalent than retailers would have liked. As shoppers turn increasingly toward digital channels to complete their holiday shopping lists, optimizing and streamlining omnicommerce strategies is more important than ever.

Omnicommerce Tracker

This month’s Omnicommerce Tracker, produced by Vantiv and, takes a deeper dive into how omnicommerce behaved this holiday season. The report also reveals how:

  • Analytics tools that predict consumer behavior are becoming critical for symbiotic pricing and merchandising strategies
  • Loyalty programs and mobile wallets are becoming more integrated than ever
  • Desktop experiences stacked up against mobile experiences (tablets and smartphones) in sales during the “Cyber Five” (Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday)
  • eWallets continue to gain popularity and are on pace to become the most popular form of payment by 2019
  • Omnichannel retailers are faring in their development journey, and what benefits and challenges they’re experiencing along the way

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