Vantiv Omnicommerce Tracker™ - January 2016

Fulfilling the promise of seamless shopping

As shopping experiences continue to blur the lines between online purchases and brick and mortar purchases with in-store payments, retailers are tasked with eliminating friction between customer touchpoints like never before. Shoppers can access seemingly limitless information – from product specifications to online reviews – via their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Their expectations for perks such as click-and-collect (online ordering, in-store pickup) and free delivery are rising. And as more customers use their mobile devices to supplement in-store experiences, the pressure is on retailers to ensure that inventory management and price parity are on point.

As expectations for seamless multichannel shopping continue to mount, how well are retailers keeping up with the rising demands of their customers? January’s Omnicommerce Tracker, produced by Vantiv and, tackles that question. While some retailers are struggling to keep up, it’s clear that the need for advanced inventory management and fulfillment technology is front-of-mind. 

The report also examines:

  • Key elements of online and in-store shopping that need to be blended to create seamless experiences
  • New technology that aids in the conversion of online traffic to in-store visits
  • The critical role that personalization plays in consumer marketing
  • Developments in popular digital wallets, including the continued assimilation of loyalty programs and gift cards
  • The rise of paying for in-store purchases with mobile devices – especially among Millennials – for everything from coffee shop tabs to public parking lot fees


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