PYMNTS Developer Tracker™ - January 2016

Serving Up a Proper POS System For Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants

Completing payment transactions quickly and accurately at the point of sale seems like a given. But for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, even the narrowest of programming mistakes can have a meaningful impact on the bottom line. With only 50 percent of these businesses surviving for more than three years, the pressure to control costs is high. Add to that the rising expectations of today’s tech savvy customers and the need for seamless, advanced, and adaptable POS integrations is greater than ever. The latest edition of’s Developer TrackerTM, powered by Vantiv, takes a closer look at how point of sale technology can help – and hurt – businesses in the hospitality industry.  Selecting a proper POS system for bars, nightclubs and restaurants is a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

This month’s cover story, Fighting Failure at the POS, includes a conversation with Eric Elwell, CEO of point of sale solution provider 2TouchPOS.  

In addition, the Developer Tracker also shows how:

  • Popular social networks are introducing price tracking technology
  • Mastercard is being integrated into more and more wearable technology including fitness bands and smartwatches
  • Contactless payments are gaining ground in the UK
  • Cyberattacks on payments data are front-of-mind for businesses in the US and UK
  • Location-based technology is being combined with behavioral data analytics to deliver more customized in-store shopping experiences

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