How To Choose Card Payment Solutions For Your New Restaurant

When you own or manage a restaurant, your time is split in what seems like countless different directions. 

Between the servers, the menu and the kitchen, your whole day can be spent putting out endless figurative fires. Finding the perfect card payment solutions so your customers can safely and simply pay for their meals is just one task of many before you open. Here are some tips so you can choose and get back to your regularly scheduled day. 


The concept of reliability lies at the heart of everything you do. It's also the absolute most important thing you'll need from your payment processor. Fast, safe and convenient transactions are imperative to your customers, your team and your business as a whole. Cards need to be swiped, bills need to be paid and servers and counter staff need to get to their next task. Data breaches and hacks are more common than you think, so you need to find a payment system that effectively fends them off. And just like when you flip on the lights to start the day, you don't need to know exactly how that electricity is making its way into your restaurant: you just need it to work. Your payment processing system should act the same way.  It should keep you compliant and data safe too. 

A Time Saver 

Unless you're an accountant, it's not very fun to deal with money. Numbers get complicated quickly and even the most conscientious person can make a mistake that winds up costing a lot of time to untangle. Again, when you're managing so many other aspects of the business, you don't need to spend time at the end of the night trying to reconcile a drawer with the many credit card transactions that have been made throughout the day. Of course, it's not only at the end of the night when you need to save time. Your customers will want to be able to have your staff swipe their card as quickly as possible. From the mother with two antsy children who just wanted a quick bite to eat to a couple who is seeing a movie in 15 minutes, you need to be able to accommodate their requests or risk crucial business and word of mouth. If you already have a Point of Sale (POS) picked out for your restaurant then your payment processing options may be integrated with the machine already. This means you won't have to purchase or install additional software. Fast card payment solutions mean that neither you nor your servers won't have a panic attack when 14 college students walk in and all want to pay separately. Card payment solutions are meant to get you out of the weeds, you just have to take a little initiative to discover what will work best for you.

A Trusted Partner

From tiny diners to large upscale restaurants, today's restaurant payment stems are designed with you in mind. Customers need to know that they'll receive a hassle-free experience when they visit your establishment and nothing will annoy them more if at the end of the meal there's some sort of hold-up with the credit card machine. Look for a technologically-savvy payments partner who simplifies the process so neither you nor your customers have to experience the frustration of a hiccup in the flow of business. Look for additional support features including true 24/7/365 customer service, as well as advance fraud and security support including EMV and encryption and tokenization, as well as comprehensive data reporting and analytics.

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