Are you

Are you crushing commerce?

  • Accepting all credit cards?
  • Worried about being hacked?
  • Can your customers pay via mobile?
  • Taking too long to checkout?
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Does your business have physical locations where people can shop?

Yes No

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Have you considered opening a pop-up store?

Yes No

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Can customers see if items are in-stock without asking an employee?

Yes No

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Do you offer delivery and/or shipping?

Yes No

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How does your business take returns?

Instore Only Online Only Both instore and online We don't take returns

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Have you considered offering curbside pickup?

Yes No

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What’s the average amount of time it takes customers to checkout (wait in line and pay)?

Less than 1 minute 1-3 minutes 3-5 minutes More than five minutes

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Is your business’s website optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)?

Yes No

There’s room for improvement. But don’t despair. A well-formed digital commerce strategy is an important first step in building a solid foundation for your business’s future. We can help.

Start by filling out our brief form to receive our free eBook. It discusses all the topics covered in the quiz and some you might not be thinking about. It’s a first step in understanding the key elements of seamless commerce and how some quick changes can help you start seeing ROI right away.

Your foundation is solid. You’ve got several key aspects of seamless commerce in place, but there’s still some ground to cover. So what else should you consider when it comes to strengthening your business’s commerce strategy?

Our eBook goes beyond the basics covered in our quiz and takes a closer look at everything from mobile commerce to the impact of loyalty and rewards programs. It also shares how technology is key to bringing all aspects of commerce together. Seamlessly.

You’ve done your homework. Your business excels in many areas of seamless commerce and is built with the future in mind.

Beyond quick checkout, mobile optimization, and inventory management, there are other key areas to consider. Is a mobile app right for your business? Can you service customers online with solutions like live help? Are you prepared to accept all payment types?

Our eBook dives into these topics and more.

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