ShopTalk - Shoppers talk Smartphones

Findings of new Socratic Consumer Survey show consumer app-etite for smartphone use in shopping experience. 


How People Use Smartphones to Shop

New Vantiv ShopTalk survey results highlights how some 500 consumers over the age of 18 are using smartphones to shop.

  • 43% of consumers have downloaded an app from a retailer or business
  • 43% of consumers also indicated they’ve used some kind of price comparison app when shopping
  • 55% of consumers who’ve downloaded a retailer app said that they use retailer and/or shopping apps to retrieve coupons or deals
  • 50% of consumers have downloaded an eCommerce apps such as that of The average respondent has downloaded apps from types of retailers.

When it comes to making payments via apps, here’s what consumers told us:

  • 45% of consumers said they enter their credit card each time they make a purchase through an app
  • 64% of consumers cited PayPal as the instrument they use when making a purchase through an app

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