What People Think About Protection From Fraud

Helping you as a merchant determine your moves toward fraud prevention, here’s a look at how consumers are shopping, what they’re doing to protect themselves, and what they think about different forms of payment.


What People Think About Fraud Protection

First, equal percentages of consumers hold themselves (72%) and their credit card issuers (71%) responsible for fraudulent charges. That’s good—we’re in this together. When asked about their behaviors, habits and approaches to protecting themselves from fraud here’s what consumers said:

- 42% of consumers have experienced debit or credit card theft or fraud
- 60% of consumers keep their operating systems, browser and anti-virus software up-to-date
- 68% of consumers review their credit card transactions regularly online to protect themselves from credit card fraud for in-person purchases
- 68% of consumers also said they shop online once or more per month

When it comes to forms of payment consumers consider most secure from fraudulent activity, chip-enabled credit cards (i.e. EMV cards) topped the list with 49%. The complete list of payment forms considered most secure:

- Chip-enable credit cards (49%)
- Digital payment methods (33%)
- Traditional credit cards (11%)
- Mobile wallets (7%)

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